Part III: Early October


Present Interlude #5



Destroying a batch of specimens never failed to sadden Essex. Each tube flushed represented a broken line in his personal cladogram and, worse, an avenue of knowledge that might not exist past the theoretical. He so hated to remain in the theoretical. Thus it was with a weary sigh that he typed in the command to destroy Sector-70021. There simply wasn't enough to fund such an economically unviable experiment.

However, should short-sighted mercenary watchdogs such as SHIELD continued to attack his clients' armies, he might someday afford to double his facilities. Until they intruded, his clients' purchases were far between. With a two percent mortality and a ninety-one percent success rates, they rarely needed to be replaced. His clients were even pleased with how they held up against SHIELD agents, an understandable but predictable enthusiasm.

He would have to find some way of increasing the products' imperviousness, however, a rather menial task. Perhaps he would delegate it. Petty distractions such as money should not detract him from his vocation.

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