Present Interlude #7



The head of security fairly reeked of distress as was only correct.

"Explain how this could have happened," said Essex, making sure to keep his tones tight and even.

"The men were under the impression that this was a standard neutralisation, sir," the man said.

"Then your men need to learn how to read. As it is, they not only called attention to themselves, but failed to bring in the specimen." Essex sat back, forcing his breathing to regulate. "What will you do now?"

"Find those responsible. Do whatever it takes to impress upon the remaining staff that such mistakes will not be tolerated. And, with your permission sir, I can launch another initiative to bring in the subject."

"Very good. Come back to me when you have this new plan outlined. I want this subject quite desperately."

The head of security saluted. "I will draw on all my experiences, sir." Considering what the man had done in the Balkans ten years ago, Essex was satisfied that he could make up for this mistake. In any case, he had CA-III-ASR3 to study further with until his brothers were brought in.

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