Past Interlude #3
San Diego, California - 1995



He was supposed to help Scott out. Alex fumed as he watched Remy, oh so charming Remy, place his hand at the base of Selina Ki's back. His thumb barely brushed the skin under her waistline but Selina curled against him anyway, like a cat around a catnip pot. They laughed in unison, heads angling closer.

Taking a deep breath, Alex forced his fists to uncurl. He couldn't keep from stomping though, nor could he smooth the scowl from his face.

"Remy," he said. He thought he spoke at a normal tone but it might have been a yell.

Remy looked up, shades slipping down. "Hey, baby brother."

Diplomacy had never been Alex's forte. He felt too much on the surface. "Remy, you ass, what are you doing?"

Selina looked like she bit into an unripe worm. Remy whispered, "Give me a sec," in her crystal-bedecked ear then grabbed Alex's arm. They frog-marched to the corner of the block.

"What the hell are you doing?" Alex growled. "That's Scott's girlfriend!"

"Her?" Remy snorted. "She's everyone's girlfriend. I'm checking her out for Scott's safety."


"I am!" said Remy. It was great how he well he faked emotions. He should have been an actor if it wasn't for his eyes. "You think I want Scott to go out with some skank-ho who's using him to get better grades?"

"You fucking liar. You just want her for yourself."

"I'm doing Scott a favour. Now he knows that she's no good for him."

Alex shoved him away, refusing to rub his arm although it throbbed. "You're so full of shit. I bet you even believe what you're saying."

Now Remy's eyes went thunderous. "Go home, Alex. You're too young to understand any of this."

"I'm telling Scott."

"Knock yourself out, Zippo." Remy dismissed him with a curt gesture. "Me, I'm going back for evidence."

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