Present Interlude #4



Somewhere above, an alarm went off. Adam ignored it. His whole body prickled, like hundreds of electric fleas jumping all over him. He wished he could blink away the dryness in his eyes. How could his eyes be dry if he was submerged in watery gelatin? Adam's head hurt too much to ponder the question long.

There'd been a guy with knives again. He thought they'd only been two knives but they felt like a dozen. He shouldn't be in a tank; he should be in a hospital. The taste of blood lingered in his mouth, the metallic tang clinging to his cheeks and tongue. He wanted to lick it away but the plastic feeder tube kept his tongue flat and his throat blocked.

Blobs of white, grey, and black frantically merged and parted beyond the glass. They moved too quickly, their babbles penetrating the liquid until Adam could catch the odd syllable.

"... increase..."

"... secure..."

"... switch..."

Something was wrong. Adam stirred sluggishly.

Something was wrong.

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