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The Mutant Problem

Published: July 19, 2015




Victor wants to figure out why his spikes sometimes droop and sometimes stand straight up.

"It's kind of cool when it's stands up 'cause I have, like, a wicked awesome mohawk. I think maybe it started flopping over when I clipped it."

How does he clip his spikes?

"Dog nail clippers. I don't even remember why. I was just, hey, I wonder if I could do it. So I did. And I could. And now my spikes flop over sometimes. It really sucks."

He then jumped into a completely different topic: theatre.

"Did you see the Mumenschanz's new production on Broadway? Your wife's an actress, right? She has to know about the new production."

I admit that I hadn't seen it yet and Victor's shoulders droop.

"You really should. It's like a totally surreal version of Stomp. Almost like Cirque de Soleil but without acrobatics. I'm going to watch it again when my family comes over here to visit. Live theatre is a lot of fun. There's no cuts, no second takes; it's just everything all the way through and if you screw it up, you gotta make the audience believe you did it on purpose. And there's interaction between the stage and the audience that you just don't get with film or movies."

At the rate that I'm recommending people to my girlfriend, I should start working as an agent.


Introduction: The Mutant Problem

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