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The Mutant Problem

A fannish project by Katt

Many thanks to Bewize and Iris for organizing the Marvel Crossing 2009, a ficathon based on crossovers between Marvel comics movie adaptations. My hat also goes off to smirnoffmule who gave such an awesome prompt. I'm sorry I'm late. I have a really good excuse though: My computer battery gave up the ghost, poor thing. Further thank-yous to my beta, lady_sarai. As always, you have my back when I bug you and bug you and bug you about line edits.

I must also give a nod to ficcers whose works preceded mine: Jane St. Clair and her now-legendary Imaging the X-Men (link NSFW); Musamea's Timelapse; and M's The Kids Aren't All Right. You all started this; I just played a similar game in the same sandbox.


None of the original images are mine. They belong to various fan archives, all of which I was too much in a rush to bookmark and thus credit properly. A thousand apologies for being an ungrateful n00b. If you see an image here that you know you've archived, please let me know and I'll add the link right away. I did, however, do all the photomanips so if you'd like to use them, please credit Katt at or

Peter Parker Tobey Maguire
Doug Ramsey Layke Anderson
Kitty Pryde Ellen Page
Jubilation Lee Reon Kadena
Kurt Wagner Alan Cumming
Skids (Sally Blevins) Mosh
Pietro Maximoff Aaron Eckhart
Wanda Maximoff Julia Ormond
Hank McCoy Kelsey Grammar
James Proudstar Nathaniel Arcand
Jean-Paul Beaubier Takeshi Kaneshiro
Dani Moonstar Alex Rice
Warren Worthington Ben Foster
Lila Cheney Michaela Conlin
Charles Xavier Patrick Stewart
Jamie Madrox Eric Dane
Cecilia Reyes Lisa Bonet
Piotr Rasputin Daniel Cudmore
Emma Frost Tricia Helfer
Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) Ando Masanobu
Amara Aquilla Amanda Swafford
Monet St. Croix Paula Patton
Rictor (Julio Richtor) Gael García Bernal
Rogue (Marie D'Ancanto) Anna Paquin
Bobby Drake Shawn Ashmore
Neal Sharra Siddharth Narayan
Teresa Cassidy Danielle Panabaker
Leech Cameron Bright
Scott Summers James Marsden
Blindfold (Ruth Aldine) Jodelle Ferland
Alex Summers Paul Walker
Soorya Qadir Anonymous (ironically)
Victor Borkowski Thomas Sangster
Ororo Munroe Halle Berry


Introduction: The Mutant Problem

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Cast &


N.Y. / Region
Fantastic Couple Renews Their Vows
Fantastic Couple Renew Their Vows
If Marijuana Is Legal, Will Addiction Rise?
If Marijuana Is Legal, Will Addiction Rise?
Caravaggio at the Met
Caravaggio at the Met

The Mutant Problem

As a starving student, Peter Parker took a job photographing "the mutant problem." More than ten years later, his definition of "the problem" has changed.

Daredevil Sightings Increase
Daredevil Sightings Increase
The Hulk Leaves Descrution in Its Wake
The Hulk Leaves Destruction in Its Wake